Want to get involved as a supporting artist?

RentaCrowd Agency believes there’s no such thing as just an extra. Extras, also called background artists or supporting artists, are extremely important in any TV series, film or commercial. We would never ask any of our team to do what we wouldn’t do.

How to register?

There are no fees for joining RentaCrowd Agency but we do charge 20% of the work we find.We pride ourselves on working with the best Talent.  With technology being as it is, we have a new structure for joining RentaCrowd.  Anyone can sign up online and complete a profile but that won’t mean you will automatically be considered for job bookings.  We like to meet everyone before agreeing to work with them.  If that is not possible then we look for the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 3 credits as a Supporting Artist.
  • List your last three credits (productions).
  • A reference.

This is what you will need to create an online profile:

  1. A scan of your Passport or Birth Certificate – essential.
  2. A scan of your valid Disclosure Certificate – optional.
    if it’s a basic one it must be within an 18 months
    or if you have a PVG/enhanced Disclosure then its 3 years.
  3. A good photo – essential.

** Please note that profiles that are less than 80% complete or are missing ID documents that prove you have the right to work in the UK, will not be approved for work.**

Register to become a supporting artist

If you want to become one of our registered supporting artists / background artists working in Film, TV and Commercials, please register today.

What do our SA's say?

Still have questions?

We have listed the most frequently asked questions about becoming a supporting artist, background artist or ‘extra’.

What does a Supporting Artist do?

Supporting Artists are there to support the cast/ crew to help bring authenticity to any background scene within the production.

Do you have to have experience to be a Supporting Artist?

No, just bags of patience, a nice manner and enthusiasm for the filming process.

Do you have to be pretty/ attractive?

No, we look for everyday people as well as attractive people in equal measures.

Is this a stepping stone into Acting?

No, but it can lead to more featured Supporting Artists opportunities ie a line here and there.

How much do we get paid?

It varies job to job.  The rates are typically between £90 – £160 per day, dependent on the role.

What are the FAA/ PACT rates

These are the current FAA/PACT rates (see BECTU).

How do we get paid?

By BACS after a payment review is completed by both parties.

How long do you take to pay?

We pay as quickly as the client pays us, but we give our clients 30 days to settle their invoice.

Who much do you charge to join?

Nothing, it’s free to join so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What percentage do you take?

20% – the same as it’s been since we opened in 2003.